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In the bustle of everyday life, many asset owners (and this is very understandable) are primarily concerned with questions like 'What?' and 'How?'. However, we believe that the question ‘Why?’ is at least as important. After all, you need a clear philosophy and a solid strategy to make targeted decisions regarding your business operations and maintenance management system. To achieve this, an optimally designed and organised maintenance management system is crucial.

Vectormm is specialised in optimising the organisation of your management system. 

As an asset owner, you are confronted with questions arising from the
work process or coming from authorities, and these questions must be answered accurately. These are some of the questions that may come up:

  • Does the structure help us make operations more
  • Are we able to create a complete overview with the
    right information available at the right place and time?
  • Are relevant data quickly available on each level within the organisation?
  • Can we, at any time, prove that the installation complies with licensing requirements?
  • What is the situation concerning the total integrity of the installations?
  • Does each individual process help us achieve our business objectives?
  • Does the system work for us or do we work for the system?

Vectormm provides the expertise to lay out a tailor-made maintenance management system for you. A system layout that produces answers to relevant questions and that makes your work process manageable.

It is possible to manage a business process by adjusting its structure to the required Key Performance Indicators. Through the management system the current status is visible and measurable at any time.

The automatic outcome is a sophisticated and working Plan, Do, Check & Act loop, which also allows for future performance improvements using an optimally balanced maintenance management system.

By creating the right coherence between critical monitoring, urgency, logistics and time schedules as well as by involving all organisational structures in the process, we are able to use our expertise to create the best possible management system. A management system that optimises the synergy between maintenance, inspection and asset integrity.

At Vectormm we know what we are talking about!

Vector Maintenance Management

As an asset owner, you know that the stakes are high. The playing field is huge and the investments are tremendous… It is, therefore, vital to ensure that business processes are structured in an adequate way and are kept in place under all circumstances. This is easier said than done. To ensure safety, continuity and efficiency, good asset management is of great importance. Daily practice teaches us that many maintenance management systems can be structured in a much better way. Who we are?

We are Vectormm. Pleased to meet you!

We support asset owners and help them create safety, continuity and value through targeted maintenance and inspection programs. Vectormm initiates, implements, optimises, works in a pragmatic and transparent way, and is completely independent.

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